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“Touching the Nations”

I met Linda and Dr. Tonya a few years ago while I was doing a research project on Africa for my intercultural communications class in college. Linda is the aunt of one of my childhood best friends, so that is how we got in touch! Growing up, I remember Rachael would always tell me about her aunt in Africa. When I finally met Linda and Dr. Tonya, they welcomed me with open arms! They are doing wonderful things to help out their communities foreign and domestic.

“Through love, serve one another.” ~Galatians 5:13

While I haven’t been to Africa yet to volunteer in person, I do spend time helping with whatever might be needed at the time. Volunteers play a massive roll for the community and students, because it exposes them to the world. I look forward to visiting and serving in 2019! I will be posting a follow-up of the experience in Kenya!

New Frontiers Health Force (NFHF) is a faith-based non-profit organization. NFHF has spent the past 20 years doing global medical missions, including health care, disaster relief, and education. They are based in Ngoswani, Kenya where they operate a fulltime health center and primary school.

Dr. Tonya Hawthorne, DO, founder and president of NFHF, is a board-certified Osteopathic Family Physician and has dedicated her life to global health care. The Ngoswani Community Health Center is a 24-hour clinic. The clinic is staffed with Kenyan trained medical professionals supervised by Dr. Tonya.

Rev. Linda Brown, founder of Linda’s Kids Academy left a 25-year career in Christian television to become a missionary. The academy opened in January 2015 in the Ololkilaleng village with approximately 50 children. NFHF partners sponsor all of the children, including two meals per day, uniforms, and educational supplies. They are learning 3 languages: Masai, Swahili, and English. Their goal is to provide quality education with degreed Kenyan teachers.

Photo Courtesy: Rev. Linda Brown