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Gordana "Gigi" Jovanov’s philosophy is to keep life simple! With a diverse background in opera, theater, and film, Gigi has a knack for turning the mundane and ordinary tasks into creative and extraordinary works of art. What started as a hobby quickly became a career. Originally from Miami, Florida, Gigi has lived and worked all over the globe and currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering, learning new languages, handwritten notes, exploring new towns and cultures, making people smile, giraffes, basketball, and anything with lemons.


  • Alma Mater: The University of Tampa

  • Pets: One puppy princess, Sasha

  • Places: Paris, Jamaica, Africa

  • Food: Pasta Primavera

  • Music: A Unique Melting Pot… anything from Mozart to Reggae to Bob Dylan, etc.

  • Talent: Opera Singer, mezzo-soprano

  • Teams: Orlando Magic & Utah Jazz

  • Non-Profits: The Tesla Science Foundation, New Frontiers Health Force, Help Us Gather, 4Ocean, Hands Across The Bay, Farm Sanctuary, St. Vincent de Paul, Charity Water, International Rescue Committee

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