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Help Us Gather (HUG), founded in 2017 by Robin Lally, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Clearwater, Florida. HUG advocates for inclusivity and provides individuals with special needs and/or disabilities a calendar of social events and activities in the community. 

“My hope is this tool will make it easier for others to connect to the community, enjoy fun events and activities, and find new friendships, just as my brother did.”

-Robin Lally, Founder, Help Us Gather

Having a disability doesn’t mean someone should be isolated, rejected nor deserted. Oftentimes, people tend to avoid people of disabilities simply because they are different and are unsure of how to act around them. 

HUG creates opportunities for individuals with disabilities to flourish. HUG has a free website and social network where volunteers and ambassadors spread its mission throughout the community. All HUG events are divided by age groups. Socializing improves our quality of life. 

Their confidence grows, while they cultivate lifelong friendships. You can see pure happiness on each of their faces and the lifelong memories they create are priceless. There is unity in diversity. A home for everyone. HUG brings out the best in all of us. 


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Photo Courtesy: Help Us Gather