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protecting african lions

Conor Mccreedy, South African born, Zurich based artist, founded Protecting African Lions (PAL) in 2013. He is known for his signature Mccreedyblue pigment, which incorporates five, various shades of blue. His exclusive works can be found worldwide and has collaborated with a multitude of luxury brands.

While in college, I spent a lot of time learning about African culture, intercultural communications, and experiencing remarkable African literature. I adored every minute of it and how much it helped me evolve. After spending some time at the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida, I saw first hand how impressive these cats are and how necessary sanctuaries are for abused and abandoned big cats. However, I do not support lions being caged up as an attraction nor hunting them for game. They are meant to live wild and free. In 2014, Conor and I crossed paths in Zurich at Galerie Proarta.

PAL is a non-profit organization who’s main objective is to obtain protection status for the African Lion. Through working relationships that share the same goals, PAL is able to raise awareness for such a noble cause. There is no hidden agenda and PAL is transparent with where the funding directly goes. The African Lion is a national symbol of strength and courage and it is critical to advocate for their protection. The loss of lions has a negative impact on Africa’s ecosystem. Lions are notoriously known as the King of the Jungle and they truly live up to their name.

Through art, love, and design, you can keep Africa’s majestic Lions close to your heart with the PAL bracelet. It was created in the exquisite and iconic Mccreedyblue color and has been seen on the arms of many influential individuals across the globe. These bracelets are handmade in South Africa by a close-knit team of phenomenal young African women, using braiding skills passed down to them from generations.